What bible verse is linked with the poem footprints in the sand?


There is no direct link to that poem but if you read the Bible you will see how great His love for us is and He does carry us through everything... ISAIAH 46:4 And even to your old age I am he; and even to hoar hairs will I carry you: I have made,
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You walked with me
Footprints in the sand
And helped me understand
Where I'm going
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Funny you should ask. My daughter is using this poem at her church Girls Camp next week too and asked me the same thing. One idea is: 2 Sam. 22: 2-3, 32, 47 2 And he said, The Lord
Mary Stevenson (Zangare) wrote "Footprints in the Sand" in 1936, though the author was unknown
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The poem Footprints in the Sand is not directly from the Bible. There are verses that the poem could have inspired, but there are none that have the exact wording ...
Leona Lewis sang 'Footprints in the Sand.' The song was written by TV personality and producer Simon Cowell. ...
The footprints in the sand poem is a very popular Christian poem. It tells the story about a man who is frustrated with the Lord not being there for him and feeling ...
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