For Mendel's Explanation of Inheritance to Be Correct?


At first, Mendel's explanation of inheritance brought about a lot of controversy. It has been re-examined several times since its first publishing in 1865. This genetics study regarding chromosomes did prove to be correct, even after several other scientists tried to prove it wrong. What proves it to be correct is that children do pick up physical, mental, and emotional features from their parents. Chromosomal inheritance is absolutely true. Children receive 23 chromosomes from each parent. Many characteristics from the parents are passed onto the child, such as mannerisms, attitudes, and general behaviors.
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The educational accomplishments of your father. Your mothers bridge skills. Your fathers workout musculature. Your progeny would inherit your " desire " to evolve any trait
if I were to inherit traits based on Lamarcks explanation of evolution were correct we wouldn't be the people we are now. Lamarcks´ explanation was that acquired characteristics
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