Formal and Material Objects of Logic?


Logic is a mental process whose essence is not perceived by the enumerated physical senses. So, essentially the material object is the essence of perception, whilst the formal object is the form in which that essence is perceived, such as its attributes. Formal logic is seen to concern itself primarily to the correctness rather than than the truth of a logical process. Whilst, on the other hand, material logic is the truth of a material content.
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logic is something that is certain. For instance if you combust something to the fullest for certain that combusted item will end up in ashes and smoke (winds similar to cloud formations
material object refers to the content of the mind/thought.formal object refers to the correctness of the thought.
(Chapter 3 of Ayer's Language Truth
Jonathan Bowen's Formal Methods web pages are an excellent starting point for this kind of work. The JML web site is the key website for all things JML-related. The Spec# project
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