Frank Dance Communication Model?


The Helical Model of Communication proposed by Frank Dance in 1967 compares the communication process to a helix. A helix is a smooth curve which acts like a spring in that if it goes upwards it will also go downwards. According to this model, as the process of communication moves forward and evolves as an individual grows and learns, it also regresses and is largely dependant on the past behavior of the individual. The Helical model understands that an individual's communication process assimilates all the activities of an individual from day one till present.
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The Frank Dance model of communication states that communication experiences are cumulative and influenced by the past. The process of communication changes over time and among interactants
Apparently it came so easy for my Intro to Comm Theories students. After showing them a sample communication model, I asked them to either draw or perform the communication process
what is the use of dance helical communication? helical communicqationis the communication of helical
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What Frank Dance's helical model of communication is, is a model which says communication evolves from the moment one is born. It pretty much says that as a person ...
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