How to Say Goodbye in French?


You will find it very common for people to say goodbye in French. The way to say goodbye in French is Au Revior. Most Americans study French of Spanish in school.
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Au revoir ('ɔʀ(ə)vwaʀ') is French for Goodbye.
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Au Revoir is a French equivalent of 'Goodbye'. The word 'au' combines the preposition 'à' and the masculine definite article 'le' to mean 'to the'. The infinitive 'revoir'
1. Read the English-French Translation. : Hello: Bonjour. Good evening: Bonsoir. Mr: monsieur. Mrs: madame. Miss (Ms. mademoiselle. What's your name? Comment vous appelez? / Comment
The English to French translation for "good-bye" is "au revoir" Thanks
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The French word for 'Goodbye' is 'au revoir', and it is pronounced as 'oh ruh-vwar'. There are also other French words that can be used for goodbye, some of them ...
There are various ways of saying goodbye in French depending on relationship with an individual or how soon you will get to see the person you are bidding goodbye ...
B. onjour. and. au revoir. ...
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