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There are many websites online that offer fun facts. Sometimes, these facts can be delivered to your e-mail daily! Other sites require you to log on a view the facts manually. Look here for more information: www.fun-facts.com...
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Capital: Amsterdam
Population: 16,805,037
Conventional Name: Kingdom of the Netherlands
Chief of State: King Willem-Alexander
Head of State: Prime Minister Mark Rutte
National Anthem: Het Wilhelmus (The William)
Lyrics/Music: Philips Van Marnix Van Sint Aldegonde (Presumed)/Unknown
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In the 17th century they became a rich and powerful nation and their navy controlled the sea. While in 17th century most European nations were kingdoms, The Netherlands were a republic
They have some sort of unemployment system where anyone can obtain a free living for doing absolutely nothing, and many take advantage of this, and many hard working people despise
1. Define proportions. At this point, your students should have already learned about ratios. Explain that when two ratios are equal, they are proportional. For example, 6/8 = 3/4
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