How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats?


Fungus gnats are found in homes with plants. These gnats use the plant as a location to breed and feed. In order to get rid of fungus gnats, you need to use an insecticide. Insecticides can be found in home and garden stores.
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fungus gnat
any of several mosquitolike insects of the family Mycetophilidae, the larvae of which feed on fungi or decaying vegetation.
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First, you need to get an infected plant away from the others so the infestation won't spread. Then place some Cider vinegar in a bowl of water near the plant, to drown tham.
1. Purchase an 18-watt Insectalite Fly Trap to kill fungus gnats (see link in Resources) This trap uses ultraviolet light and pheromones to attract these pests. 2. Use a pyrethrin
He term, fungus gnat, applies to a number of species in the insect order Diptera, family
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Fungus gnats thrive on plants and depend on them as their food source. Fungus gnats are part of the fly family and have a very short life-span. Fungus gnats can ...
Apple cider vinegar is the key to getting rid of the fungus gnats that can collect in the soil of houseplants. These gnats often fly around when the plant is moved ...
Make sure you keep your pots clean of dead leaves and debris. The gnats feed on the dead leaves. Put yellow sticky traps near the plant to catch the adult bugs ...
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