How to Cure Black Knot Fungus on Fruit Trees.?


1. Prune all shoots and branches with knots. Remove the knots (the sources of inoculum or virus cells) in winter, before any buds appear and ascospore (fungus spores) discharge. Cut each infected branch or twig at least 6 to 8 inches below the knot.
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Fungus on Fruit Trees
Growing fruit trees in the home orchard is a rewarding task, but requires special attention to important cultural practices. These include selection of weather appropriate varieties, fertilization, pruning and training and pest and disease control. It is... More »
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First you acquire the right pruning tools for you type of tree, then you start by pruning the tops and the roots of your tree, then you prune it into a shape that will produce more
some organic oils or a very mild soap and water solution will rid plants of fungus and some pests without harming the plant or the environment. Also if there is too much humidity,
A fruiting body of a fungus is a reproductive structure growing from the mycelium in the soil beneath it.
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