Where can I Find Funny Love Poems?


You can find funny love poems online with various love and dating websites or poem websites. Chicken Soup also offers a love poem, quote and story book.
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Funny Poems
Light poetry, or light verse, is poetry that attempts to be humorous. Poems considered "light" are usually brief, and can be on a frivolous or serious subject, and often feature word play, including puns... More>>
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1. Brainstorm a topic for your poem. Ideally this is something that you are familiar with or have a fairly broad knowledge base about. Incorporate topics that frustrate you or cause
'Timmy, please tell the class What does your father do? 'Miss, he's a magician He
1 Think of what you want to write about. Don't just make up things as you go along.
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'Timmy, please tell the class What does your father do?' 'Miss, he's a magician He ...
Autumn is another name for the fall season. Autumn is when many of the leaves lose their trees, when Halloween occurs, and when school begins for many. Some students ...
To make a funny poem about a little girl not wanting to go to school! To be funny!E. ...
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