How to Care for Giant African Land Snails?


1 Keep your snail in a well-ventilated glass or plastic tank. Ensure that it has a secure lid. One snail needs a tank about 40 cm by 25 cm by 25 cm / 16" x 10" x 10". Ad 2 Fit a heat mat with a thermostat and thermometer at the back of the tank to
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12 months.then it lays its eggs in a 1-1.5 in. long pile.
Due to the risk of becoming a successful invasive species
I find the best foods to feed snails are: Romaine Lettuce. Nectarine. Red Peppers. Courgette. Occasionally Watermelon. Also remember your snail will need a calcium source available
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Whenever temperatures get too low giant African land snails will normally go into hibernation. This will also happen in extremely warm weather, a process known ...
To look after the gigantic African snails, you can house them in different containers or in a plastic aquarium tank depending on their size. They can be fed with ...
African land snails can be bought at supa price at very low prices. Newly hatched snails are sold at ‚¤0.99 for three or four snails while giant ...
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