What is the animal on "The Gods Must Be Crazy 2"?


Many animals appear in the film "The Gods Must Be Crazy II." The film is especially notable for its comedic inclusion of the honey badger, which has gained a viral following through YouTube. The honey badger in the film attaches itself to Dr. Stephen Marshall, one of the central characters.

Other animals that appear in "The Gods Must Be Crazy II" include an ostrich, an ape and a hyena. This film is the sequel to "The Gods Must Be Crazy," which was released in 1980. Three further sequels followed "The Gods Must Be Crazy II." The film series is known for its situational comedy and for featuring African wildlife.

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Honey Badger.
The Gods Must Be Crazy II came out in 1989.
So funny
I haven't watched this film in a really long time, but I have the DVD and just looked at the back cover to get the answer to your question. The main bushman actor's name is N!XAU
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