How to Make a Horror Film?


Start with your monster(s) by trolling through the house and cheap junk shops for potential costumes: an old mop, distressed camouflage clothing, a dented helmet. Use your imagination to turn them into things that go bump in the night. Broken tools
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1 Get a scary idea for the movie. But make it good so they won't suspect it coming. And when it comes, make it as scary as it can be. It could be more frightening if you HEAR noises
Just a few quick mentions, since I think I've answered a similar question already and don't want to be redundant: [REC] and [REC]2 are two Spanish horror films that I frequently mention
The Exorcist.
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A good horror film is rated good when the plot of the story sounds and seems real. The characters in the film must be in a position to bring out the storyline ...
A good horror film is one that relates to the audience in their daily lives or activities; one that frightens the audience into thinking a murderer is close by ...
Music in horror films is used to intensify the events of the movie which is integrated into the shifting pace and dramatic nature of horror films so that the audience ...
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