What type of government Taiwan have?


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The Government of Taiwan
Government Type: multiparty democracy
Voting Age: 20 years of age; universal
Chief: President Ma Ying-Jeou
Head: Premier Sean C. Chen
Legislature: unicameral Legislative Yuan (113 seats - 73 district members elected by popular vote, 34 at-large members elected on basis of proportion of islandwide votes received by participating political parties, 6 elected by popular vote among aboriginal popu
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Taiwan has a Multiparty Democracy.
Government is the system by which a community, state or country is governed or, in order words, the system by which political direction and control is exercised over its inhabitants
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The kind of government Taiwan has is a multiparty democracy, which is a form of sovereign that does not have any laws and constitution. It's a system where the ...
Taiwan is an island state off the coast of China. Taiwan is currently governed by the Republic of China. Asia is what continent Taiwan is located on. ...
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