How does a grease trap work?


A grease trap works on a simple process. Non floating solids and floating solids are collected. To put it in the simplest terms - there is a wall on the top and bottom of the water flow so that only stuff in the middle can get through. Often there is
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1. Wait until the restaurant has closed before cleaning the grease trap. This will minimize the chance that water will flow through the trap while it is open, making the process of
1 Detach the lid from the grease trap gently with a pry bar. Be sure to go slowly through this process, as there are gaskets for the grease trap located just under the cover. If you
A grease trap (or. grease interceptor. is a plumbing attachment, usually a boxy receptacle, that collects grease from kitchen wastewater and prevents it from entering a septic or
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Grease traps, also referred to as grease interceptors and grease converters, are devices used in plumbing that are designed to capture grease and solids before ...
A grease trap is a device or piece of equipment that is mostly used in restaurants to maintain the functionality of the sewers. It is used to filter fats and oils ...
The grease trap is a very important piece of equipment used in a restaurant. The grease traps makes greases turn into a solid before getting into the waste water ...
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