Greek Symbol for Friendship?


The meander is the Greek symbol for friendship. The symbol got its name from the Meander river which has many twists and turns. In ancient Greece, many objects as well as temples were adorned the the meander motif as it symbolized the eternal flow of things as well as eternity. The meander is often given as a gift for marriage as it is representative of love, devotion, and the everlasting bond of friendship. It is said to be the Greek symbol for waves and the four seasons.
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While there is an abundance of flowers in an array of colors each having a different meaning, there are three that represent friendship. They are: the Yellow Rose, the Alstroemeria,
1. Open a new document in a text or graphics editor that allows you to select fonts. 2. Choose the Symbol font from the drop-down menu. 3. Type any letter from A to W on the keyboard
The greek word for it is, philia, philos, philio(also mean friend)
The Greek Goddess Maia's symbol is braided or knotted items, flowers, life, love, youth, and growth.
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