How to Improve Guitar Phrasing.?


1. Study guitar and saxophone solos. Guitarists develop their chops by stealing licks and ideas from other players. Studying solos helps provide a guitarist with a repertoire of licks and it also provides insight and understanding into the idea of
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An example of guitar phrasing would be how you actually play the notes in the music, (similar to singing) playing them as they appear on the music, ie, whole notes, half notes, quarter
A group of star notes is an SP Phrase. They are the blue notes and if you get
A couple of quick things that I know work. 1. Analyze - Take your favorite solos and dissect them. Memorize them exactly. If you do this with four or five solos you will begin
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Slide guitar is a phrase that is used to refer to a method of guitar playing derived from bottleneck, using a steel or glass tube on one finger across the frets. ...
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A guitar riff is when two guitars are not getting along due to an argument or disagreement. Just kidding! A riff, as in music, is a short rhythmic phrase that ...
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