Who styles the Barbie doll's hair?


According to Allure magazine, January 2009, Mattel employs 15 stylists to work on Barbie's hair and makeup. However, their names are not mentioned.
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Hair Styling Games for Barbie
Little girls are often notorious for wanting to play with their Barbie doll's hair. Playing with their doll's hair provides them with an opportunity to explore their creativity and imagine themselves in different kinds of hairstyles. Playing hair styling... More »
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1 Part your in hair on the side with a wide toothed comb. Make sure you go all the way down your head. Where you can have two parts of hair. Ad 2 Put a large claw clip on one part
A lot of people like to do hair-styling parties on things like Barbies or wigs just in case
Treat it like your head. wash ,condition comb and air dry. (the hair is synthetic,Do not use Heat) I use one around the salon for the kids to play with while I work on there Mommy's
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One can style a Barbie head like one would also style one's hair. One can shampoo the hair of the Barbie, and use styling products such as gel or mousse. ...
1. Create an updo for Barbie. Using small rubber bands, brush Barbie's hair into a simple ponytail or bun. If you want to fashion a more elaborate look, braid ...
You can dress and make a Barbie online from Barbie's official website. It is done by giving a pup stylish makeover, matching hair styles, playing games and magazines ...
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