Why is my fanny hairy?


I think love ..... its a case of puberty Its a terrible thang Good luck with living =]
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I think some of the comments are a bit cruel and a bit over the top the question does seem to be a genuine one I just think the heading was a bit of a shocker...I think if you are
Pubic hair will start to grow anywhere from ages 8 to 14. How much is the hair growth will depend on your age. Have a great evening!
Dental floss free is the best. & providing the females fanny smells & tastes sweet, then i will spend as long as the female can handle my tongue lapping away between her folds
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MISS GLOVER; she is such a man beast and she is so sexy she has a BIG HAIRY MOP HEAD !! ; she has a fishhhyy fanny as well :L x First answer by ID1443011393. Last ...
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