How is static friction helpful?


how is static friction helpful. Static friction causes objects not to move. When the object doesn't move the forces are balanced. When the object starts to move it changes to kinetic friction. It is helpful when leaning on a wall so you don't slide
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A fabric softener sheet is covered in chemicals, which are spread across your laundry as it dries. By design, one or more of the chemicals that coat a dryer sheet are electrically
You can say bye-bye to your static hair with a little help from some new and
That should be easy to look up, but anyway: >> What are static variables? >> What are
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As of 2013, there are a few locations where one can find Static help online. Static help can be found at Academic Cuesta Edu, Static Help, YouTube, Instructables ...
Hello Kalees, check this link for a walk thru:… ...
To get rid of hair static try rubbing a dryer sheet on your hair. You might want to do a deep conditioning treatment, that helps with static as well. Also spraying ...
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