How to Ease a Stomach Hernia.?


1. Eat smart. Avoid heartburn-triggering foods such as chocolate, onions, spicy foods, citrus fruit and products that use lots of tomatoes (pasta sauce, ketchup, etc. Eat lean foods; fatty foods take longer to empty from the stomach, and they relax
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Gastrocele is the medical term.
Usually, a minor stomach hernia is left alone and is no treated until it
Not Medical Advice: Stomach hernia symptoms include abdominal pain, abdominal swelling, fever, vomiting, obstipation. hoarse voice, sour or bitter taste MORE?
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A stomach hernia feels like a lump in the groin or abdominal area. It is characterised by part of the stomach projecting through the diaphragm and it can extend ...
You can tell you might have a hernia if you have a bulge in your side, stomach or groin area. Some people might have slight pain. Most, however, do not have any ...
You can usually feel it externally by pushing on the part of the body that you think you may have a hernia. For instance, in the stomach, push the area and you ...
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