Heterotrophs Are Also Called?


A heterotroph is any type of living organism that cannot receive carbon from carbon dioxide. Heterotrophs instead receive carbon from feeding on other organisms. All animals are considered heterotrophs, unlike plants who can synthesize nutrients from sunlight and carbon dioxide. An autotroph is the opposite of a heterotroph, and refers to organisms such as plants who can receive carbon from carbon dioxide. Heterotrophs are also called consumers, because they feed off of other organisms to survive.
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When other organism use organic carbons for growth by eating other organisms this is call heterotrophic behavior. In order for humans to survive we have to have ...
Protists are both heterotrophs and autotrophs. The heterotrophs are animal-like protists. The autotrophs are plant-like protists. There are also protists that ...
The organism that is both Autotrophic and Heterotrophic are plants which are carnivorous. Bacterias also can be considered part of the categories. Marine plants ...
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