What Causes a High Platelet Count?


Platelet count also known as thrombocyte count are what help the blood clot. There are a number of ways that can elevate the platelet count. Two less serious ways are living in high altitudes and strenuous exercise. A more serious reason is a blood
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Platelets are the smallest cell-like structures in blood, and are important for blood clotting. High platelet counts might signal inflammation, infection, injury, anemia, cancer or genetic conditions.
A normal platelet count is in the range of 150,000-400,000 per microliter. The MPV (Mean platelet volume) test is part of the CBC (Complete Blood Count).
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alot of platelets.
Living in high altitudes, strenuous exercise, and being post partum may
1. Order a CBC, or complete blood count, test. Platelets are almost always counted during these types of blood tests. They are most often ordered during annual visits with a physician
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Conditions such as living at high altitudes, post partum and excessive exercise can cause a high platelet count. High platelet counts exceed 450,000 platelets ...
Platelets are components of the blood that help in blood clotting. High platelet count is caused by a number of reasons which include production of too many platelets ...
A high platelet count in infants usually points to primary thrombocytosis. Primary, or infant, thrombocytosis has two different types. It usually has to do with ...
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