What is the history of the Finch family in "To Kill a Mockingbird"?


The first of the Finch family to come to America was Simon Finch, a fur-trader and apothecary who established a farm called Finch's Landing on the banks of the Alabama River. Simon Finch is only described as an ancestor. It is not made clear precisely how many generations occurred between Simon and Atticus, but it is assumed to be a direct line of descent.

It was the custom of the men of the Finch family to make their living tending to business at Finch's Landing, a prosperous cotton-growing plantation. The first men to break with that tradition were Atticus, who went away to study law and his brother Jack, who went to medical school in Boston. Atticus used some his first earnings as a lawyer to put Jack through school. Jack is Scout and Jem's uncle and their favorite relative. They also have an Aunt Alexandra, Atticus' sister. Alexandra stayed on to run Finch's landing after her brothers moved away. During the course of the novel, she comes to live with the family in Maycomb, much to Scout's displeasure.

Few other relatives are mentioned by name. There is a cousin, Francis Hancock, who lives at Finch's Landing. Scout gets into a fight with Francis after he calls Atticus a dirty name. Francis is Aunt Alexandra's grandson. The only information given about Scout and Jem's mother is that her family name was Graham and they came from Montgomery.

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