How do Honduras people communication?


With their voice? They use cell phones and landlines.
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Communication in Honduras
Languages: Spanish and Amerindian dialects
Telephones: 609,200 (2011)
Cell Phones: 8.062 million (2011)
Internet Users: 731,700 (2009)
Internet Code: .hn
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Im from San Pedro Sula, the industrial capitol of Honduras. 1. Well, in Honduras, usually the father/husband works and is the major economical support, while the mother/wife is in-charge
There are several ways to communicate: the most practical one is via e-mail, this is today the most efficient way to send drawings and specification between us and our current clients
The official language in Honduras is Spanish, however and due to the export nature of our business, all our executives, engineers and technicians are bilingual (Spanish-English),
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