Horizontal and Vertical Articulation of Standards?


The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics or NCTM aims to provide educators with the framework to articulate mathematical experience from kindergarten through high school. The NCTM Standards, emphasize problem solving and the connection between mathematics and other disciplines, will also be used to stimulate the aligning of mathematics. By applying these methods in both horizontal and vertical ways, the articulation of these standards will be applied evenly and thoroughly throughout the students school years.
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OSHA standards have been developed over time through three sources. One source was pre-existing federal laws on the books when OSHA standards were established. The second source was
We usually denote the slope of a line as M. Horizontal lines have a slope of zero. Mhorizontal line = 0 Verticle lines have a slope that is undefined. Note that the slope is not infinite
y = 9 is the standard form. A vertical line has no y-intercept and no slope, so it cannot be written in slope-intercept form.
• ANSI standards and OSHA standards. • Standards applicable to one specific industry and standards applicable to all industries • General Industry Standards and consensus
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