How is a root hair cell adapted to its function?


The root hair cells are adapted to their functions by having a large surface area. They are also long in shape, have many mitochondria in them and are very many in numbers. These properties allow the cells to be faster in transportation as well as absorption.
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Root hair cells are adapted to their function, which is to speed up the rate of diffusion of vital plant nutrients, in three ways. Basically, they are long for faster and easy transport, many in number and have a large surface area to promote efficient absorption and contain hundreds of mitochondria which produce the energy for transport.
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it is layered and it grows, it helps the hair cell when providing a greater surface area for water absorption.
1. semipermeable membrane permits water & mineral molecules to enter into the cell sap but does not allow them to come out. 2. cell sap in root hairs has higher salt concentration
All these cortex cells are parenchyma, and
A root cell has a large surface area to speed up the absorption of water and mineral salts from the soil. report this answer. Updated on Sunday, February 05 2012 at 09:01AM GMT. Source
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