How Are Echoes Formed?


Echoes are the repetition of sounds. It is common in large empty spaces. Echoes are formed by sound waves that bounce off of objects and return the sound back to you. They are known as bellend. The intensity of echo will depend on how far a person is from the object as well as if those sound waves have enough energy to make it back to the ear before actually dissipating. Sometimes echo repetitions are so close together that they cannot be distinguished. They are then known as reverberation.
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sound that bounces back is called an echo and they are formed when sound waves are called a bellend. 1. sound travles in waves 2. these waves bounce of nearly eveything 3. somtimes
The plural for "echo" is "echoes"
Here's a basic wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echo_%28phe… Echoes are formed because sound is basically pressure that causes molecules in the air (or another substance
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