How are protists helpful to humans?


Protists are sea weed, which is a form of algae. People eat the green algae in chips and on Sushi. The red form of protists is the dangerous one to humans.
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The majority of protists are unicellular, although some can become multicultural, such as algae, Biology Corner reports. In order to survive and grow, protists require a form of aerobic
Protists help you digest your food and are sometimes used for medication. One reason they are bad is the Irish Potato Famine. Hope this helps. xoxoxo Jenna
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Helpful Protists come from the kingdom of protista. This kingdom is made up of an extremely diverse number of organisms that can either be helpful or not. The ...
Protists are considered to be both helpful and harmful. Here are some ways they are helpful they decompose objects well and supply oxygen for the planet. ...
Protists are microorganisms. Protists that are harmful to humans include Kinetoplastids and Apicomplexa. These protists cause diseases. Protists can be found in ...
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