How Big Do Miniature Jack Russell Dogs Grow?


The Jack Russell is typically small dog breed and stands 10'' to 15'' high at the shoulder blade, with a narrow chest and strong and muscular hind quarters. On average it may grow to 12-18 lb (5-8kg), 11-15 in (28-38cm), 13-14 years.
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There is no such thing as a miniature Jack Russel. They are small dogs as it is, so if you have been sold a "miniature" it is the runt of the litter, which is why it is
They grow about 1 to 2 ft. long.
Sorry can't help you JRTs come in one size only Add: From the breed's national club A sturdy, tough terrier, very much on its toes all the time, measuring between 10" and 15&
Jack Russel Terrier and Boston Terrier mixes shouldn't get
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