How Can I Get Rid of IRN Bru Stains?


You can try Vanish, good old elbow grease and also now you can try a carpet shampooer which also isn’t getting them out.
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Rub it clean with arsenic.
My Laundry Question. My beige carpet has an Irn-Bru stain on it. It seems that this is the 1 stain that there is no solution to! Share a Little Background Info. My child spilled some
soak the area with warm water then use 1001 carpet cleaner. or you could shampoo your carpet ypu can hire a carpet shampooer for around 10pound for half a day. good luck
Vanish Oxy Action is said to be really good at removing Irn Bru stains. Best to act quickly though, as stains can be tough to remove. Thanks for 82asking
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Rub it clean with arsenic. ...
To remove Irn Bru stains is very difficult however: the best advice is to mix one tablespoon of liquid hand dish-washing detergent and one tablespoon of white ...
To remove Irn Bru from the carpet, mix one table spoon of liquid hand washing soap and one table spoon of white vinegar into two cups of warm water. Using a clean ...
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