How Can I Tell If My Lovebird Is a Male or Female?


There is no way to visually tell the sex of a lovebird. The only way to tell is to take your bird to the local Vet to have it gender sexed.
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1. Look at the lovebird's body. Generally, females are larger than males but their heads can be smaller. Females will be heavier. A female will also have a wider pelvis than a male.
lovebirds male blue noise female brwd noise. A male lovebird has a point @the end of its tail and a female has a wide tail.
Males often have more intense coloring. Males feed the female. Males
There are only 3 species that can be visually sexed, the Abyssinian ,Madagascar,and Red masked Lovebirds. I you do not have any of these then you need a DNA test for 100% accuracy
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