How to Tell if Gold is Real?


One of the quickest, and easiest, ways to tell if gold is real or fake is to get a ordinary refrigerator magnet. If the magnet sticks to the gold then it is fake. This is because the metal beneath the gold is a metal alloy. Often these alloys are
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1. Look closely at the clarity of the ruby. Is it unnaturally clear? If so, it may be a fake. Real rubies often have visible flaws. 2. Look at the piece under a microscope. If you
If it is a fake ruby, it may be scratched or the stone may contain air
OK- a genuine ruby will have inclusions called "silk" no matter the quality. If a red stone is 100% clear through a loupe, it is man-made.
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Some ways to tell a real ruby from a fake ruby are 1) Price (if its too low or on clearance than its probably fake) 2) Scratches (real rubies shouldn't have a ...
You can determine a ruby's authenticity and value in the same way you can evaluate the grade of a diamond. This technique has become known as the four Cs: color, ...
It can be hard to tell if a ruby is genuine if you're not a trained jeweler or gemologist. Due to it's similarity to many other gemstones, the only way to really ...
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