How Close to My Boundary Can I Build an Extension?


You are free to build upto the boundary fence subject to you having recieved planning permission and after any works affecting a party wall are discussed with the other owners and agreed in writing, and the process started at least two months before actual work.
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You need to go to local city/county to get information. You can do it over the phone, call planning dept. Fence laws vary widely.
Our neighbour has build a conservatory passed the boundary wall is this correct. I have no wall that I can hang my plants etc. Anonymous
If you are erecting a dwelling or an accessory building in the Domicile (residential) Sub-Area of the Invercargill District, you can build right up to the boundary (subject to Building
How close you can build to your boundary will largely depend on the District Plan requirements in your area. These depend also on the height of a building and the side and front yard
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