How Did John Pierpont Morgan Treat His Workers?


It is generally considered that J.P. Morgan treated his workers with little if any regard. He was typically know to modernize his businesses and was more interested in efficiency that the humanitarian aspects of his businesses. J.P. Morgan also owned US Steel and was a steadfast anti-union company that used ruthless tactics to find and remove 'trouble makers' from their its ranks.
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· He would buy distressed businesses and railroad companies. The biggest company that Morgan invested in was the forming of the U.S. Steel Corporation. Morgan was alive during
JP Morgan, believes in keeping at it; though his present-day activities are
Both J.P. Morgan (known as Pierpont) and his son J.P. Morgan (known as Jack) were very paternalistic employers who, though they expected much from there direct reports, treated them
Low wages and long hours with almost no days off and no health care. But that was in the late 1800's and early 1900's.
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