How Did Puchi Lavoe Die?


Puchi Lavoe was the wife of Hector Lavoe, who was known for being a famous Puerto Rican salsa singer. Puchi Lavoe had locked herself out of her single floor Bronx home and tried to climb in through the window. She is said to have lost her footing and ended up falling backwards, where she hit her head. This caused her to die instantly. The movie El Cantante follows the story of both Hector and Puchi Lavoe in which Jennifer Lopez played the character of Puchi Lavoe.
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According to public statements by her daughter, Puchi Lavoe died due to head trauma, in an accident that occurred at her home.
Puchi was locked inside of her room, so she decided to
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Nilda Puchi Roman Perez died in an accident in 2002. She was married to the legendary singer 26 years. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 08:25AM EST. Source
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Nilda Puchi Roman Perez was the wife to the notorious Hector Lavoe, with whom she had two children. Hector Jr. was one of her sons who was fatally wounded by a ...
Nilda Lavoe died from head injuries. She lost her balance and fell down her apartment stairs and her head hit the pavement below. She was 52 years old. ...
Hector Levoe's wife was named Nilda Puchi Roman Perez. She was married to him up until the day that he died. Hector Levoe, her husband, reportedly passed due to ...
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