How Did Stevie Wonder Lose His Eyesight?


Stevie Wonder is a singer and songwriter. He was born on May 13, 1950. Stevie Wonder lost his eyesight shortly after he was born. He was born premature. His blood vessels behind the eyes were under developed. He had complications and was placed in an incubator with oxygen. Hours after his birth he was blind. He suffered from a condition called Rethinopathy of Prematurity. Not all babies who suffer from this will be blind. There are varying degrees from mild to severe.
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Stevie Wonder was blind at birth. In addition to his being blind, he also
he acted normal and he became normal.
Basicly, while cleaning out the dojo, Domeki had ruined a spiderweb. The spider, out for revenge started taking Domeki's eye, so Watanuki did something(never specified what) in order
All his promoters need to do is tell him he is somewhere else , he'll never know the difference . Hell , he's playing in Miami right now and thinks he's in Missouri.
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