How did the Aboriginals live?


The Aboriginal people are inhabitants of Australia and in ancient times they lived along the coast while some lived in the bushes and survived by managing the environment well to ensure steady food supply. Those that lived in the bushes survived by hunting and gathering.
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Australia is known to be the home of the Aboriginal clans. During the period of European discovery and settlement, up to one million Aboriginal people lived across the continent as hunters and gatherers. Historians believe that they were scattered in 300 clans and spoke 250 languages and 700 dialects.
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Aboriginal people are still living throughout Australia. They were the first people to live here before European settlement and, despite strong attempts by the Europeans to decimate
Early humans needed fire to keep themselves warm and to cook with. In time, they learned to carry fire with them, but when they had to start a new fire, they found a dry stick and
With spears.
They would gather available resources and turn them into objects with sharp points or hard ends. With the spear they would get some would, carve it, then place a sharp rock on top
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