What is West Nile Virus?


The west nile virus is a disease that mainly affects birds. It can also infect other animals as well as humans. To contact this disease you have to be bitten by something already infected.
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1. Watch for West Nile fever, which is prominent in 20% of those infected with the virus. The illness is a mild infection that can cause skin rash, headaches, fever, diarrhea, nausea
It_is_a_virus_that_can_kill_you_and_when_somebody_gets_it_and_dies_it_spreads. " It is a virus that can kill you and when somebody gets it and dies it spreads.
1 Know that all residents of areas where virus activity has been identified are at risk of getting West Nile Virus. Ad 2 Take the following steps to help reduce your risk of being
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There is no particular person given credit for discovering West Nile virus. It was first discovered in 1937 in the West Nile area of Uganda. ...
The first confirmed case of the West Nile Virus was discovered in a woman in the West Nile region of Uganda, by an unidentified doctor, in 1937. ...
West nile virus is transmitted to humans by Mosquito bite. The virus can cause encephalitis.It was discovered in 1937 in the west nile district of Uganda. ...
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