What is the difference between bacillus and clostridium?


Bacillus and Clostridium are both Gram positive, spore forming, bacilli (rods). Bacillus sp. are aerobic. Clostridium sp. are anaerobic.
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The organism is Gram-positive, capable of growth in the
bacillus will gram stain positive (purple) clostridium will usually gram stain positive, but some species have gram negative (pink) staining cell walls and others will become variable
Catalase test - mix some of a well isolated suspect colony (not grown on Blood Agar) with hydrogen peroxide A Bacillus spp will produce a rapid bubbling in the liquid- a positive
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Bacillus and clostridium are two different types of gram-positive bacteria. However, the bacillus is anaerobic. In contrast, the clostridium is anaerobic. ...
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