How Do Cameras Work?


Light is focussed by the lens,then the aperture controls the amount of light passes into the camera, the shutter on the other hand controls how long light is allowed to pass into the camera. While the shutter is open, the camera lens focuses light on the film at the back of the camera. The film reacts chemically to the light so that the image is recorded.
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How Do Cameras Work?
Cameras work essentially by gathering just enough light into a dark space to reflect the image onto film to create a photograph. Understand how cameras work, and find out how the first camera was made, with information from a professional art and... More »
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A camera is a device used to take pictures. You hold it up to your eye, focusing on the image you are trying to capture. Then you press a button and the image in stored.
The 35mm film standard was developed by Thomas Edison and produced by George Eastman, who founded the Eastman Kodak company. The film was originally designed for motion picture films
A teleconverter optically enlarges the image coming through a lens. The effect is such that the magnification of a lens is multiplied by a certain factor. The teleconverter acts as
Wiring a security camera does not require a professional; if you are handy with some basic tools, you can learn how to wire a security camera. A security camera uses three connections
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A camera is made up of three elements: optical, chemical and the mechanical element. The working involves a complex process of using light to focus an image on ...
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Disposable cameras are simply a cheap way to take pictures. The cameras work just like any regular film camera. The difference is that these type of cameras, made ...
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