How Do Different Religions Celebrate Christmas?


Different religions celebrate Christmas by common elements like lighting of Christmas trees and creating of nativity scenes. Christmas carols can be sung and stories of Santa Claus and Father Christmas told. Exchanging of gifts and cards are also witnessed and of course prayers and fasting.
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Christmas is celebrated differently all over the world. In the US and the UK, it is typically celebrated by decorating Christmas trees, wrapping gifts, hanging stockings for Santa Claus to fill, singing carols and feasting with family and friends.
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Although they call themselves Christians I know for a fact that Jehovah Witnesses do not celebrate Christmas. They believe it is a pagan holiday. So there will be no gift giving in
Christams is only celebrated within the Catholic-Christian-Protestant-religions.
We can be having a Birthday party for Jesus instead of the usual exchange of Christmas gifts for each other. We can have a birthday party for Jesus and bring food for that reason.
Dear. Muslims have reason to respect the days Prophet Jesus was born and the day he die and the day he shall be raised upto life again. Reason is; there is a Verse in Holy Book Quran
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Other religions do not really celebrate Christmas but they have their own celebrations around the Christmas period. Atheists have organized their own festivities ...
Christmas is not celebrated by Jews, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses, Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans, Hindus and Latterday Saints. Basically, non-Christian religions ...
Christmas is a religious festival celebrated by Christian’s world wide. This holiday is usually marked on December 25th every year. It signifies the birth ...
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