How do you get rid of ants?


Ants can be easily eradicated using insecticides. For humane and chemical free ant control, pest repellents can be used. Please refer to this link for a list of ant insecticides: http://www.pestcontrolshop.co.uk/acatalog/ants.html
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How to Get Rid of Ants
Before attempting to get rid of ants, determine whether the ants are nesting outside or inside a home, locate the nest and use a proper spray or granular product. Find out how to use a hand-held fertilizer spreader to apply a granular product with help... More »
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To get rid of ants, first eliminate the things in the environment that are attracting them. Always keep your house clean and try as much as possible to eliminate all their food sources.
You can get rid of ants by using Eucalyptus oil. Ants detest the smell of Eucalyptus oil, so make up a solution using 20 drops of oil to every 2 litres of water. Pour or spray over the ants nest and the ants will soon flee. Whilst there is a wide range of DIY products, you may require professional pest control.
There are a variety of ways to get rid of ants. Baby talc powder, vinegar or apple cider vinegar, old cinnamon, black pepper, Simple Green, peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, and cloves have worked to deter ants. You can find more info at: www.thefrugallife.com
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Learning how to get rid of ants is essential to keeping your home free of these bothersome pests. Ants are very difficult to get rid of, once they've established that your home will
1. Scatter food grade diatomaceous earth in the areas the ants gather or walk. Diatomaceous earth, also known as DE, is the fossilized remains of one-celled plants called diatoms.
1. Barricade your home. Since ants are tiny, they can find thousands of tiny doorways into your residence. Some of these are easy to identify, while others will only be discovered
1. First you need to do a little bit of investigating. Follow the trail of ants and seal up any hole or gaps with caulk if possible. Look outside along your home for a possible nest
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It is essential to deal away with ant hills to get rid of ants in grass. Spot and treat the ant hills with insecticide then rake the hills flat sprinkling insecticide ...
The first step to getting rid of ants is identifying the type of ant. Different species are controlled different ways. It is also important to find the ant colony ...
To get rid of ants in the house, the first thing that you want to do is get rid of what is attracting them. Make sure that all food is sealed up, and any spills ...
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