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You can become a primary school teacher by first undergoing initial teacher training, which involves attaining a GCSE at grade A to C in math, English or science and getting criminal record clearance from the government. You then require a Bachelor of Education, a BA or a BSc degree. You could also study for a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate of Education) as you teach.
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Ways to Become a Primary School Teacher
Primary school teachers work with children from pre-kindergarten to third grade. They are responsible for creating lesson plans, delivering instruction, grading papers, maintaining effective classroom management and communicating with parents. In... More »
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To become a primary school teacher, you must first achieve the qualified teacher status by doing an initial teacher training course. To do so, you need entry requirements that include: GCSE grades between A and C in mathematics, English and science and a security clearance from the criminal records bureau. You can also take an undergraduate degree course in education.
To be a primary school teacher at a government run school, you must achieve the Qualified Teacher Status by doing Initial Teacher Training. However, one must also reach the following fundamental entry requirements: GCSEs at grade A to C in English, maths and science or an equivalent, passing tests in numeracy, literacy and Information and Communications Technology, Criminal Records Bureau clearance and voluntary or paid practice of working with children of applicable ages.
To be a primary or a middle school teacher at any state run school, you will need to have achieved the QTS Qualified Teacher Status qualification, which is through doing ITT Initial Teacher Training. These training courses can be taken at colleges or in the university at the undergraduate level.
First of all, you need to attain a minimum of grade C in English, Math and Sciences in your GCSEs. Secondly, you need to do your A levels or an NVQ, which will enable you to apply for a degree course in Education.
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1 Be friendly with small children. There's no point becoming a school Teacher if you can't stand children and have no intention of being kind to them. Try practicing by looking after
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To become a primary school teacher in the UK, you need to achieve QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) by completing ITT (Initial Teacher Training). You can achieve ...
To become a primary school teacher in England you must achieve QTS - Qualified Teacher Status - by doing Initial Teacher Training. There are several routes to ...
Primary school teachers are required to have a bachelor degree in education along with certificates or endorsements from former employers and current teachers. ...
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