How Do I Change My Browser Settings?


There are different settings that can be changed on a web browser depending on the type that one is using. The most commonly used are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and safari. Settings that can be changed on all this browser types include font size, font style and font colour and background colour.
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How Do I Change My Browser Settings?
Change your browser settings to change how you view a page, edit a browser add-on, or tweak security protocols. Exactly how to access specific settings varies from browser to browser, but overlap of features is considerable. You can accomplish much of... More »
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To change your browser setting you can open the internet and select tools on you menu tab. Then you can open internet options and change your internet browser settings
The steps to changing your browser settings would vary depending on the type of browser you are using as well as what it is you are wanting to change. You can get to most browser options but looking up in your toolbar and clicking where it says tools. Depending on the browser you should see in the drop down menu either options or internet options.
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