How to Convert Mm to Cm?


One millimeter is equal to .1 centimeters. To convert millimeters to centimeters, all you need to do is divide the number of millimeters by 10. Therefore, 20 millimeters is equal to 2 centimeters.
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1 cm = 10 mm
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1. Let's say you had to order a length of pipe that you have measured to be 14.7 cm. However, the company you are ordering the pipe from requires your order to be placed in mm and
1 cm = 10 mm. Algebraic Steps / Dimensional Analysis Formula. _ cm. * 10 mm. 1. cm. = ? mm.
1 centimeter (cm) equals 10 millimeters (mm). Easiest way would be to add one zero at the
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One centimeter is a unit of length in SI unit system. One centimeter equals to one hundredth of a meter which is also equals to 10 millimeter. To convert centimeter ...
One millimeter (mm) is equivalent to 0.1 centimeter (cm). To convert millimeter to centimeter, simply divide the values in millimeter by 10. ...
CM and MM are abbreviations used for measurements of length in the metric system. The metric system is an international system of measurement used in most countries ...
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