How do I Delete my Youtube Account?


Once logged into your Youtube account, highlight your user name and select 'account'. On the left side, select 'manage account'. Click 'delete account', type in a reason, and confirm your deletion.
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1. Bring up a new window on your Internet browser. Navigate to the YouTube website by typing the URL into the address bar and clicking enter. Allow the YouTube homepage to load. 2
Step one: go to your account Step two:click delete up on the right hand corner of the account
Trying to figure out how to delete a Yahoo account can be a daunting task. Every day more and more people sign up for web-based email accounts like Yahoo Mail. Signing up for an account
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To delete your youtube account, log in and type in your username and password then click enter. Navigate to “account” and select on “delete account ...
Deleting YouTube videos is relatively easy. Log into your account and navigate to your video or video manager. There should be a link or option to delete the video ...
1. Log in to your YouTube account. 2. Go to the "My Account" link. Choose "Manage My Account, then choose the option to delete your account. 3. ...
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