How to Draw a Coconut Palm Tree.?


1. Draw a dot centered in the top middle of your paper that will serve as a starting point for the top of the tree's trunk. Make sure you leave enough space on the top of your paper to allow for the drawing of long palm leaves. Starting on one side
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Visit your local library for books that have palm trees to use as a reference. If there is no library near by you can always find copyright-free pictures on the internet to use as
1 Make yourself a jute coil for your feet. Ad 2 Get a piece of strong cloth, leather or rubber that will go around the whole tree. 3 Put your feet inside the jute coil and attach
Start by drawing 2 upward sloping parallel lines. This will become the trunk. Now you can draw a cloud shape that touches the top of these lines. This is the top. You now have a basic
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To draw a coconut palm tree, start by drawing the trunk. Draw 2 parallel lines, about half an inch close to each other. For the roots, draw small diagonal lines. ...
Palm trees are known for their graceful branches and palm fronds and coconuts. To draw a palm tree, begin with a graceful trunk that is slender and tall. Then, ...
A coconut is a fruit of the coconut palm or the Cocos nucifera. The tree grows to 98 feet tall and the coconut fruit is not a true nut but a drupe. ...
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