How to Dry Gourds?


Hanging gourds in a dark, dry place is the best way to dry gourds. Remove the mold as it forms with a bleach solution. When the gourd sounds hollow when tapped with your hand, it is ready to use as decorations in your home. Look here for more
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1. Leave ornamental gourds on the vine until right before first frost to allow them to start the drying process in the field. 2. Harvest your gourd by using a sharp knife to carefully
1 Rinse and disinfect the surface of the gourds. Drying gourds while keeping them from rotting means reducing their exposure to bacteria and fungus. The first important step in this
Gourds. For thousands of years, gourds have been grown and used by many cultures as useful tools and utensils. Today we mostly think of gourds as decorations and whimsical birdhouses
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The main thing to remember when drying out gourds is to have a good airflow. The type of weather is not important, just have them outside or on a windowsill. Rain ...
You will want to clean off your gourd before drying it. David J. Robson, University of Illinois extension specialist, recommends just wiping off any moisture on ...
Drying a gourd is very easy if you are growing them in your garden. All you have to do is leave them on the vine and let them dry naturally. The open air will ...
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