How Do I Find Out If a Company Has Gone Bankrupt?


There are various ways one may find out if a company has gone bankrupt. Some of these include checking the company's records with the Trading Standards department of your local council, Insolvency Service and visiting the Companies House website.
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To find out if a company has gone bankrupt, write down the details of that company. Then, call the Official Receiver's Helpline on (UK) 0845 602 9848 and look up where you will search for the company details. You will use the online option if you do not pursue it manually.
You can inquire and search here to see if the Director or anyone else who was in the company has filed for bankruptcy and who the Official Receiver or Trustee is. Visit your local division of bankruptcy court (see Resources section below) and ask the clerk to search the name of the person or business for you. He can tell you if that person or firm has gone bankrupt. You are also legally entitled to get copies of any documents, but these usually incur a fee. Prices for photo copying depend on the branch of the federal bankruptcy court.
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1. Review the financials. Companies have no duty to make a pre-petition disclosure and will often file without warning to interested parties. Technically, insolvency is when liabilities
this is not comprehensive at all, but GM, Dynegy, Washington Mutual, Abitibbibowater, Pilgrim's Pride, Lehman, Ambac.these are just quickly off the top of my head.
There are some experts who believe that GM will Good luck getting access to it unless belong to a University or Institution with a subscription.
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