How Do I Find Out More about an Ancestor Who Was in the 11th Hussars?


You will need to have accurate family information going back as far as possible. Speak to older relatives about what they remember. This information will be invaluable in your search. You can find more information here: http://www.ancestry.com/
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1. Search your family's homes. If your parents or grandparents have lived in a house for a long time, older photographs might be hidden in basements or attics. 2. Ask your relatives
The University of Virginia has been transcribing and mounting on the web all the extant witchcraft trial records, as well as other information about the trials. Click here to visit
on www.ancestory.com.
Since the begining of Civil registration in 1837 certificates have been issued for births, marriages and deaths. Marriage Certificates in England and Wales contain the following information
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It's worth what an enthusiastic collector will pay for it. Your task is to find the collector. ...
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